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Products and services

With Tradimex Plastics you can find:

  • Buying your production waste;
  • Regranulate or recompounding of your production waste;


In short, we ensure that your warehouse remains clean and organized and you can focus only on your production. We handle the entire process from start to finish. Besides this we can process your own production waste and return this as a regranulate or as a customized compound.

In addition, you can contact Tradimex Plastic for:

  • Sales of compounds or regranules;
  • Purchase and sale of off- grade material;
  • Purchasing and selling of original materials;
  • Purchasing and selling of regrind.

Tradimex Plastics can provide the following compounds:

PC/ABS, PC, ABS, ASA, PA6 and PA6.6.

In addition to standard compounds, we can offer a tailor-made compound. In both the standard or the tailor-made compound, stability in quality AND the needs of the customer is key.

The majority of these compounds have already been approved by most manufacturers in the automotive and electronics industry.